6 Health Issues That Indicate Toxic Overload In Your Body

In recent years i have been investing more time and energy in to looking after my mental and physical health. Eating well, more exercise and stressing less have been my main focuses, however it can be difficult and there toxins in our day to lives that can harm our psychical and mental well-being - many of which we don't even know existing! that can cause are Toxins are everywhere today, in food, water, air, skin care products, and more. They are easily making way into the human body and there is hardly anything that you can do to protect yourself. However, you can really make a difference by strengthening your detox function to such an extent that your body is able to eliminate them before they do any damage. If they reside long within your system, they can cause serious diseases due to toxic overload. This is the condition when the body has excessive, deep-seated toxins and is characterized by a series of health issues such as the following.

1. Constant fatigue
High energy levels are an indication of good health while a feeling of constant fatigue shows that your body is working too hard. If the feeling does not go even after taking adequate rest, you are probably struggling with excessive toxins within your body. Constant fatigue is also associated with hormonal disruption, which is also a sign of high toxin levels.

2. Weight fluctuations
If you are doing everything to lose weight, from eating right to sweating it out, and are yet not getting results, this is a warning bell. There is a possibility of toxic overload being the culprit. On the other hand, you may end up losing weight without any known reason of your detox function is not performing properly.

3. Bad breath
Lack of proper oral hygiene is not the only reason for bad breath; rather, the condition could indicate something as serious as toxic overload. Stinking breath can be an indication of improper digestion and in more critical cases; it can be the result of the liver not being able to eliminate the toxins.

4. Constipation
Another common health issue that can be a subtle sign of toxic overload is constipation, particularly if it gets chronic. When the intestines get overworked with the elimination of toxic wastes, constipation becomes an everyday problem. This is a cause effect phenomenon; constipation leads to toxic buildup and vice versa.

5. Skin eruptions
If you are getting skin eruptions and other skin problems such as allergies, psoriasis, rashes and puffy eyes without any cause, it can be the result of poor detox function. Read https://www.lelezard.com/en/news-18510790.html to know more about eczema, which is a common toxin-related skin issue.

6. Muscular and joint pains
Your muscles and joints are most likely to be affected by toxin build-up within your body because these harmful substances weaken them in the long run. If pains, aches and soreness seem to become a way of life, it is time to start working on your detox function.

Being vigilant about these common symptoms is important because early detection means early resolution. You can make some simple lifestyle changes such as switching over to organic foods, avoiding chemical-laced cosmetics, and keeping away from environmental pollutants, to bring down the toxin levels in your body. Another good approach is to take detox therapies on periodic basis to stimulate your natural detoxification function and get your body back on track.


Karl Young

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