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Like many other people, I find that I am busiest just before and during winter. This is because the school term is in full swing and dropping and picking my children to and from school is the order of the day. I am also busier at work as I tend to make more work related trips at this time. I usually take a few measures to ensure that commuting is smooth and safe. Below are some car care measures for both old and new drivers, bearing in mind that winter is just around the corner.

Car servicing and maintenance

I take the car for service and maintenance checks around this time of the year. The entire car is checked thoroughly and any underlying mechanical issues are discovered and dealt with before they escalate. After this, the car is good to drive even during winter.

Tyre pressure check

I know from experience that a flat tyre can disorganise my entire day. That is why I ensure that I take my car for tyre pressure checks at least once a week. These weekly checks ensure that the tyres have the right pressure at all times. Correct tyre pressure also assures me of safety and efficient fuel consumption.

Tyre fittings and alignment

I also make sure that the tyres are always in great condition. The tread wear of the tyres is checked and wheel balancing and alignment is also done if need be. Worn-out tyres that require replacement are also identified. Once the tyres are sorted out, I know with confidence that my car tyres will make it through winter.

Battery check and replacement

This is also a good time for my car’s battery to be checked. Since winter is coming soon, the car will require a good battery more than ever. If any major problems are found on the battery, then I have no alternative than to change it. I would dread to be stranded because of a dead battery on a busy day or during winter.

Exhaust check and replacement

My car’s exhaust system is very important for my own safety and the safety of the environment. It is checked to ensure that it runs quietly and smoothly and that pollutants are reduced. Once the exhaust is sorted, I can smile because I have complied with the environmental regulations. In addition, I don’t have to do much to the exhaust system when winter finally comes.

MOT testing

After all of the above are done on my car, I take it for MOT testing. You see, by now, all parts and systems are already taken care of. Its chances of passing the MOT test are very high. Once I get the MOT certificate, I know that the car will make it through winter without any major hiccups. For a reliable MOT in Dewsberry rush to your nearest branch of
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I have learnt through my many years of driving that it is important to take good care of my car throughout the year. Neglecting the car can lead to high repair costs and huge running costs. It could also endanger my life and also damage the environment. If you would like to ensure safer and smoother commute especially during winter, it would be advisable to take car care seriously all year round.

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