Luxury Watches - Make a Style Statement

They say that a watch is the most important jewellery you can wear. You can tell a lot about a man by observing his wrist wear. Choosing to wear a luxury watch simply shows the fact that you reflect a certain class and elegance. Several years are spent researching and perfecting the movement and mechanism of a luxury watch. You might remember the watch i got for my wedding day here

The expertise of the watchmaker is another factor to take into consideration to map the value of this masterpiece. The fruit of this solid work is a watch that is accurate to the microsecond. They are made in limited quantities and only sold in select shops by the topmost brands.

The rarity and the science behind it tend to make these watches cost a fortune. Some watches are even set with rare gemstones on the dial. The brand name is the first identification you can make of a luxury watch. Only the very top and rare brands specialize in creating this timeless work of art.

A luxury watch is similar to a piece of jewellery and it is often turned into an heirloom that you pass down generations in the family. There a number of factors to consider and understand before you decide on which model you are interested in. It can be daunting to get into the world of luxury watches and the art of watchmaking.

Pointers to consider before buying a luxury watch
 However, the more you understand, the more you will appreciate the value of your potential prized possession. Learning everything about luxury watches can take forever. Condensed into the very essentials, here are a few factors you should be considering, as a novice luxury watch collector, before you can start to think about buying.

Perfect timekeeping: while this is the primary role of a watch, low priced watches made in mass by unskilled labourers often stay unheard of factors such as quality control. Luxury watches are made only by highly skilled artisans and is treated as a creation of pure art.

Durability: Low priced watches are unheard of to stay in perfect condition for a period more than five years. Luxury watches can last for decades, with only minor tune-ups being necessary once in five years or so.

Investment value: A luxury watch is more than a wrist wear. It is an investment for a generation. Composed of valuable materials which tend to retain or increase their value over time, this watch only gets more costly with age. This is unlike low priced watches which hardly have any resale value due to their material composition. The brand value only increases as well in the case of luxury watches, slowly converting them into a vintage piece which will be worth more than a couple of thousands of dollars.

A sign of being well off: Being wealthy does have its perks at situations. A well-dressed gentleman will demand respect with the way he looks, wherever he goes. The brand value of a prestigious watch can add numerous points for the gentlemanly look. In the social sphere, luxury timepieces are respected and widely recognised by people who have an eye for detail. This adds up when paired with the right type of clothes such as a tailored suit, tuxedo or semi-formal wear as well. All of this subtle display can point out to the attire of a successful man who is not self-aggrandizing, yet bold enough to make a solid impression.

The family heirloom: An intrinsically valuable investment, the luxury watch in your possession can be more than just for a lifetime. It can be a precious asset you can pass off to your son, and he can hand it down too his, converting this exquisite piece of jewellery into a priceless family heirloom. The process of a young boy growing up to be old enough to wear his father’s watch will be an everlasting memory. It reminds you of the importance of family, and all the men who wore it before you.
While every watch can tell time, a luxury watch can do much more. It is the perfect possession for someone who is willing to invest into an item of jewellery that will be a treasured and prized possession for eternity. The precious metal and the value they hold, along with the incomparable precision, durability and retained value correspond to refiled wealth, success and a story of many generations.

The myths that surround luxury watches
However, some of the facts that you may hear about luxury watches are no more than falsely accused facts and assumptions. You can read about them in detail in this blog.

It is common to assume that the higher the price, the more is the quality of the watch. However, the price may increase due to the value of the gemstones or complications. Complications on a watch are the term used to denote features such as a sundial, stopwatches, and windows. These features may seem like a lot more than they are worth when you are a first-time buyer. After the initial excitement, the realization may dawn that these features will be rarely used and it would have been a waste of money to invest upon a watch merely based on these.

Another myth that surrounds luxury watches is the assumption that, more the gemstones set into the dial, the more better the watch will turn out to be. This is due to the high advertisement that surrounds watches by watchmakers that highlight the number of gemstones as high point. Originally, precious stones were used as a tool in luxury watches to reduce the friction between the parts of the watch, preventing any wear and tear to the piece of jewellery. The addition of the jewels also increase the price of the watch, and they can be misleading towards the value of the of the luxury watch. It is also necessary to ensure that the gemstones set into the dial are original and worth their value.

Regardless of all the myths that surround luxury watches and their value, the fact remains that they are an investment for a lifetime and if chosen carefully, they will make an excellent choice of wrist wear and much more.

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