New to Vaping? Essential Advice for Beginners

If you are one of the many thousands (if not millions) that have decided to finally quit smoking like me, then you will already be aware of how vaping can help. For literally millions of smokers worldwide, vaping has enabled them to quit that harmful habit of smoking once and for all and if you have decided to use vaping as a method to quit smoking and are new to the scene, here is some very useful advice.

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Invest in a Starter Kit – A vaping starter kit contains everything you need to vape (with the exception of the e-liquid) and there is a wide range of vape e juice UK users can purchase online. The whole point of a vaping starter kit is to allow you to begin vaping without a heavy investment and once you are more knowledgeable, you can purchase individual items that you feel are suitable for your taste.

ü  Do Some Online Research – While vaping has given many tobacco smokers a practical alternative to inhaling harmful tobacco smoke, it might not appeal to you and seeing as we are all unique in our own peculiar ways, it is recommended to give it a try first. While the majority of new users enjoy the experience, if you have a friend who vapes, ask if you can sample a few hits. The basic starter kit contains all the necessary items to vape and if you also purchase a selection of e juices, you can experiment until you find the best flavours. If you would like some further reading on vaping for beginners, there is an informative article with helpful tips for the novice vaper.

ü  Different Types of E-Liquid – There are three main types of e-liquid, which are 1 – High PG liquids, 2 – High VG liquids and 3 - 50/50 liquids, which is a balance of PG and VG. E-liquids that are high in PG produce less vapour but have a stronger flavour, while those that are higher in VG create a lot more vapour but may fall a little short on the flavour. The third alternative, which is a 50/50 mix is also a very popular choice and it is recommended you try all three before making a bulk purchase of e-liquid.

ü  Nicotine Strengths – The e-liquid can contain controlled doses of nicotine and how much, if any, nicotine you need depends on how heavy a smoker you were. Many vapers enjoy the unique flavours and have never smoked tobacco, so do not require nicotine e-liquid, while others have successfully weaned themselves off nicotine, yet still enjoy vaping with nicotine free e juice. If you are in the process of giving up smoking, then you will need e liquid with a controlled dosage of nicotine.

While there are vaping stores in most towns and cities not just in the UK but in other countries as well, the majority of vapers buy everything they need from an online supplier and once you have tried a starter kit, you will be in a better position to choose the right items that are perfectly suited to your lifestyle. If you have tried unsuccessfully to kick the smoking habit, vaping might just be the solution and with so many unique flavours to choose from, there’s never a dull moment when vaping.

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