Fancy creating your own Cadbury chocolate bar? #AD

Who hasn't got a sweet-tooth? I am sure most of you do to and i pretty sure that most of you thought to yourself, "i'd love to make my own bar of chocolate". Well imagine if i told you that for the first time ever, Cadbury is opening its doors and inviting the nation to ‘go madbury for Cadbury’ this July.

Which means we all have the chance to create our very own Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, which could become the newest addition to the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk range to sit alongside iconic bars and family favourites such as Caramel, Fruit & Nut and Whole Nut. However you only have until the 31st to give it a go - How exciting!!!

To enter simply visit and follow 3 simple steps where they can pick from a huge range of tasty ingredients which will be added to delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Step 1: Choose up to three ingredients

From melt in the mouth caramel, gooey brownie, crazy popping candy, spicy chilli, tangy orange, fiery mustard, crunchy cashews, there’s over a whopping 90,000 different available combinations to choose from... so pick wisely.

Step 2: Name your invention! 

It is here where you are required to give you bar a name and a colour presence. I personally love a good pun and a bit of humour, so i highly recommend you get a bit creative at this step.

Step 3: Your story

It is here where you have to pitch your concept to Cadbury and provide them with your contact details. If your bar was inspired by your kids, cat, hair or love of all things chocolate then write it down. They want to hear stories that pull at the heart string or inspire others.

My partner and i created our very own bars, here is what they look like:

The Wife

She wanted to create a bar that he could eat for breakfast:

Her favourite ingredients - she tried to have toblerone in their three times :o


Who wouldn't like a chocolate bar packed full of some of their favourite childhood sweets?

I love truffles and i love a good pun: a match made in heaven.

Thanks for reading folks, be sure to share your creations with Cadbury on their social channels:
Disclaimer: I am collaborating with Cadbury, however all thoughts opinions are my own.

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