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Motorbike and quad bike are not interchangeable terms.  They are different kinds of vehicles and they both require that you protect yourself from injury by learning how to operate them as safely as possible.
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Many people look at quad bikes and think they are fun toys for kids. But, it can be dangerous if you are not careful enough.With summer just around the corner you might be thinking about buying or renting one.

Firstly, let’s compare quads to motorbikes. Motorbikes with 2 wheels have been around for around 100 years. They are commonly found in the rural industry, but you still need to ensure safety just like when you’re operating quad bikes.

Overall, though, if you follow the general safety guidelines for both types of vehicles, you will be better able to operate both a quad bike and a motorcycle for optimal safety.

General Safety Guidelines
General safety guidelines for motorbikes and road legal quad bikes UK enthusiasts can buy at Quadbikes R Us and similar companies include:

·       Always read all the warning labels before handling a vehicle
·       If the engine is exposed, be sure to place an engine cover on the vehicle to prevent burns
·       Never use drugs or consume alcohol and drive a quad bike or motorbike and never operate the vehicle if you are tired
·       Never drive at night as it is hard for you to see, and hard for others to see you
·       Always drive slowly so that you do not lose control and never take tight, sharp turns
·       Before you drive a motorbike or quad bike, check the tire pressure, lights, mirrors and brakes each time before you drive

What Causes Increased Risk of Injuries?
Some of the increased risks of injuries on both vehicles include:

·       Taking turns too quickly or racing in the vehicles – both quad bikes and motorbikes are top heavy and easy to tip.
·       You hit something – it’s easy to lose control if you hit potholes, bumps and rocks
·       You ride in unsafe areas, such as open fields where it’s hard to spot fences and wires
·       You fail to wear a helmet, putting yourself at risk of head and facial injuries
·       You ride with the engine exposed which increases the likelihood of burning a leg or any other body part
·       You drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which inhibit your ability to think clearly and therefore react quickly.

While both motorbikes and quad bikes are equally unsafe if not operated correctly, there is also certain gear you can wear to protect yourself, such as:

·       Always wear your helmet and make sure it’s one designed specially for either a motorbike or quad bike. Wear eye protection, too, if the helmet doesn’t have a face mask and wear a seat belt if the vehicle has one.
·       Always wear protective and bright clothing that covers your entire body, including gloves, boots and coats. Thick, leather clothing is ideal.
·       Use flags and light reflectors so that you are more visible, even during the day time.

With these safety tips, you can ensure you operate your vehicle as safely as possible.

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