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In recent years we have invested a significant amount of time, money and resources in to renovating our home. You may be doing a renovation or installing a brand new bathroom. Either way, you will want to get the shower right. Spending a good amount of time doing so and knowing how to shop for a shower will point you in the right direction. You’ll end up with something you and the family are happy with that stands the test of time.

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For now, let’s focus on some of best ways you can start looking for the right shower.   

1.    Look at the type of showers available

Not all showers are created equal. You can get the following:

  • Electric showers – These are effortless and timely to fit and can be used around the clock as the water is heated on demand. This is why electric is now such an efficient way to shower as it uses up less heat energy and cuts down on waste. When buying electric showers, think about the KW (kilowatt) rating. This will dictate how smoothly the water flows.
  • Mixer – This type of shower combines the hot and cold water. Generally, a mixer shower has better flow rates and are suitable for houses which have no trouble accessing hot water. So if you have a good boiler which allows you to access hot water on the go, this could be the one for you.
  • Thermostat controlled showers – This gives you complete control over the temperature settings. Unlike the mixer, you should get a consistently hot temperature with this one.
  • Eco showers – These showers are the most efficient out of all the options. They will deliver a good, steady temperature and are great even if you have a low water pressure at home. This makes it a steady and reliable choice for the majority of homes.

2.    Take into consideration your water system

Before you commit to buying a shower from an online merchant or from a local store, it’s good to know which water system you’re working with. You may have one of the following:

  • High pressure – This is normally the case when homes have a hot water tank but there’s no cold water tank available. This way they will have a high pressure unless you have a combination boiler.
  • Low Pressure – Cold water tanks in the attic and hot water in the airing cupboard means your water pressure will be lower. You can choose a pump to give you more pressure but the shower types you can go for aren’t limited.
Following these tips will help you choose the right shower for your bathroom. In no time, you’ll have something that fits aesthetically whilst functioning just how you want it.

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