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My 4yo has been asking for a doll that wees and poops for a while now and this week the he got his hands on the Hasbro Sweet Spoonfuls Baby doll.

The Sweet Spoonfuls Baby doll is hungry, so it is up to your little ones to make sure it eats and drinks. Once it has been fed and or hydrated then it magically poops and pees t in his/her nappy. I loved how easy it was for the kids to give the doll food and drink, as well as preparing the food in the blender. All he had to do to make the food was to use the food packet provided, add in some water and give it a good old stir in the blender. My four year old was particularly impressed with the fact that he got to feed and change the baby all by himself.

The doll that retails for £24.99 and for that you get the following:

  • doll 
  • removable outfit
  • blender with hand crank 
  • 2 packets of powdered doll food
  • Spoon
  • bottle
  • 2 nappies
  • comb
  • Instructions

We thought we would show you how it worked and what you get by shooting a quick video for you:

I can honestly say that doll is well made, it is value for money and your little one can enjoy the doll over and over again. Should you want to invest in a doll then i recommend reading the following instruction from

  • Baby Alive doll food is nontoxic though not intended for human consumption. 
  • Baby Alive powdered doll food may stain some surfaces. 
  • Adult supervision recommended. 
  • If spilled, wash with soap and water 
  • Baby Alive doll food is nontoxic though not intended for human consumption
  • Use only powdered Baby Alive doll food with your Sweet Spoonfuls doll. 
  • Sweet Spoonfuls doll food is not reusable and is intended for use only with Sweet Spoonfuls dolls.

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