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Pizza Hut has launched an insane Cheesy Bites Roulette pizza, which sees seven of the 28 cheesy bites having been laced with a fiery Naga Chilli, which is one hundred and seventy one times hotter than a jalapeno! I love pizza, so when i was recently invited to my local dine-in Pizza Hut restaurant to give the pizza a try i naturally jumped at the chance.

I have to say i am not the biggest lover of spicy and/or hot food. Some would and have gone as far to say that i am a whimp, coward and wuss when it comes to consuming spicy food. Knowing this i got together a group of friends who it was safe to say had a better stomach for chilli than i and headed over to Monks Cross in York.

 Upon arrival we were well greeted and quickly looked after. Wasting no time we headed to the unlimited salad bar in an attempt to line our stomachs before the spicy onslaught.

Knowing that our taste buds were going to be tested, we all decided to get a refillable soft drink and a milkshake. I opted for the Strawberry Shake and i gotta say, i thought it was rather delicious. We also got our hands on the roulette wheel to play around with before the arrival of the naga chilli cheesy bites.

So in a blink of an eye we got our meat feast pizza and our pepperoni pizza with the naga chilli cheesy bites delivered to our table. I was nervous, the look and smell alone were enough to get my eyes watering. The waitress gave us instructions not to rub our eyes after touching the sauce, which was great advice!

So how did we get on, how did we handle the chilli that is one step under pepper spray on the Scoville Scale? Watch and find out...

We had such a good time and i have to say that i think it was well worth the money, even though i did struggle and feel it a little the next day. For the hardcore lovers of spice they adored it, for those in the middle you will like it and for those who struggle, you will find it a challenge. A challenge that is well worth taking-on, if i can do it, anyone can do it!

So if you like what you see you need to get your skates-on as it won't be around forever. If you want to see how others have got on eating it, i highly recommend taking a look at the hashtag #biteclub on Twitter:

Disclaimer: We were invited along to Pizza Hut to try out their Naga Chilli Bites in return for an honest review – all opinions are our own.

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