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When it comes to making the most of those precious free moments, there's certainly no shortage of places to take the family out in York and beyond, but what about those rare moments when the kids are away and your partner has plans? When juggling full-time work and family responsibilities, sometimes it can be too easy to forget about your mates, but making sure you manage to schedule in some quality time with your friends is crucial and a really helpful way to de-stress after a busy week and have some fun. Sometimes the stars align and you'll find yourself and your fellow father friends with some much-needed free time to catch up and have a laugh. This can often happen at short notice and come as a surprise to all involved, but not to worry, all you need is a solid and reliable guide of all the best local spots that you and your squad can refer to in these times of need.

York is a great city for kids, but it's also a thriving, vibrant and cosmopolitan city which has plenty of great daytime and nighttime hotspots which are perfect for scheduling in some social time with your mates. From top-notch pubs serving the best real ale around, to laid-back lunch spots and some cracking daytime activities, here's a roundup of some of the best places in York for a dads night (or day) out.


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If you're planning on enjoying a slap-up meal with some people you might not have seen in a while, you want somewhere with plenty of seats and within everyone's budget, as well as somewhere that serves up some delicious food. Somewhere that definitely ticks these boxes and never fails to disappoint is the Duke of York gastropub over on Kings Square. Start your day out off right with one of their award-winning local ales, and then you can get stuck into one of their seriously meaty steak burgers, topped off with some dubious-sounding (but great tasting) "hellfire cheese". The vibe of this place can't be beaten, the food is super-affordable, and it makes a perfect meeting point to start off your day. Veggie options available.

If you're all in the mood for something a little more cultivated then your best bet is probably the perpetually trendy and always delicious Skosh restaurant on Micklegate. This is the place to go if you're really planning on making a day of it, and their small plates, such as their venison dumplings, sticky beef shin and "Skosh Fried Chicken" are perfect crowd pleasers and always manage to keep the place packed to the rafters. Be sure to book in advance as this place is very much on the radar for food connoisseurs the world over.


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Once you and your mates have had your fill and are all fuelled up for the day ahead, you'll need some fun activities to tide you over until it's acceptable to head to the pub. A good place to start if you're in the mood for a laugh and something chilled out is the acclaimed Crazy Golf over at York Golf Course. Some people might balk at mini golf as mere child's play, but this sprawling course is packed with plenty of adult-sized courses and is a great way to let off some steam, with the potential for plenty of competitive, friendly gaming. There's also bonus round courses and prizes up for grabs for high scorers, much in the same way you can grab plenty of bonuses and prizes for games like bingo as well as slots and more with Oddschecker.

If you and your gang are feeling a little bit more adventurous, then the ultimate way to do some male bonding is by going on a hike in the breathtaking countryside which surrounds the city. There's no shortage of great walking routes for hikers of all skill levels and ages, all within a 10-minute drive of the city centre. All you need to do is load up with some bangers, beer and burgers, then head off on a trip through nature.

A bonus activity for those wanting to stay in the city centre but still fancying a little adrenaline rush; head to the Cold War Bunker to connect with your inner James Bond. Check out the cold-war era tech on display, get a group selfie in hazmat suits, and make sure to watch their thrilling film on nuclear war, because nothing says "dads day out" more than a crash course in the apocalypse.


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After your busy day of hiking, golfing, eating and exploring, you'll need a good watering hole to hunker down in with your mates for an evening of drinking and putting the world to rights. You're best off avoiding most of the medieval pubs which line the Shambles, given how packed with tourists they tend to be, but one place that always gets it right is the House of Trembling Madness, an unpretentious, creaking old pub specialising in Belgian beer and cracking conversation with the barmaids.  Settle into a spacious corner table and order plenty of pints of blonde to see you through the evening.

Another winning spot is The Hop on Fossgate, which offers a bit more of a youthful, indy vibe without being full of students. You can enjoy some of the best real ale in Yorkshire here, and the live music acts they manage to draw on the weekends are bound to appeal to dads of all ages.

Hopefully, this little guide comes in useful next time you and your mates are able to link up, and if you have any suggestions of your own, don't be afraid to comment below. 

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