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Now that those cold winter months are slowly fading away, we can look forward to the spring bringing some sunshine and blue skies, and of course some great camping trips. Camping is such an amazing thing to do, creating some fabulous memories and enjoying the great outdoors, as well as giving you some quality time to relax. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro camper who goes every year, or if it’s your first time, as long as you have the right equipment you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Especially when you have young kids 

Start with Campsites
The first step of your camping trip should be you taking some time to do a little research. You want to ensure you’re going to the right location to suit your camping needs. For example, camping with children may mean you’re looking for a location with lots of activities and things to do in order to keep the little ones entertained, whereas a couples camping trip may require lots of long walks and nice pubs to visit for some food and a drink. Once you’ve carried out some research you can select the perfect campsite for your trip and start to plan your activities.

There are lots of important things to check when it comes to choosing the right campsite for your trip, so it’s always worth properly looking into it before you book anything. For those camping with children, you want to make sure the campsite you choose has certain facilities to make your trip flow smoothly. Facilities including toilets and showers are essential when little ones are involved, as you never know when you might need to freshen them up. Similarly, you want to ensure the campsite of your choice has sufficient lighting to help keep you safe when walking around in the evenings.

Tent Checks

If you haven’t been camping in a few months or maybe even a year, then you may need to check your tent to ensure you still have all of the essential items. There is nothing worse than arriving at your campsite, ready to put the tent up and realising you’re 4 pegs short or missing the groundsheet. Check that your tent bag has all tent pegs, including a few spares, groundsheet or tarpaulin, hammer or mallet, repair kit. If you forget any of these items, then you may find yourself caught out during the trip and you’ll struggle to find an alternative quickly.

Sleeping Essentials
Many people find that they actually sleep better when camping. Whether it’s the fresh air and relaxing elements of nature, or they’re exhausted from a weekend full of walking, there’s certainly something that makes sleeping in a tent calming and relaxing. There are certain items that you need in order to get a good night’s sleep though, including a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillows (as many as you need to feel comfortable), blankets and cosy pyjamas. If you forget to pack any of this camping equipment then you may find yourself struggling to get a proper sleep due to being cold, uncomfortable or simply just unsettled.

Health and Safety Bits
Camping is a great activity, especially if you have all of the family together to create some memories that will last a lifetime. It’s important to be prepared, however, for any accidents or issues that could occur during your camping trip. With lots of walking, outdoor pursuits and new places, you may find that issues such as allergies, colds or even hay fever may occur after being in the open air for a few hours, so it’s always beneficial to pack some hay fever tablets and other essential tablets to help prevent this from happening. In the unfortunate event of something bad happening, such as a grazed knee, bumped head or sprained ankle, you need to ensure you have all the necessary equipment to help. Pack the essentials including a first aid kit, personal medication (if anyone requires any), sun cream, toilet roll and insect repellent. All of these items will help prevent any issues from occurring, whilst also helping if anything were to happen.

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