Let's talk about dry nights

So the four year old has expressed to us that he no longer wishes to go to bed with a nappy on a night. For many parents that would be fantastic news, however it is not for us as he is simply not ready.

He knows that some of his friends and family are now sleeping without a nappy on a night and we know for that reason he is pushing us to let him. In recent nights he has been kicking-up a fuss and sometimes refusing to put one on :(. He does eventually come around and reluctantly puts a nappy on at a snails pace and drags his mardy bum to bed.

We have pondered the pros and cons of giving it a try, but we have reached the conclusion that he is simply not ready. Why you ask? His nappies are soaked in the morning, he hates being forced to go to a wee before bed, he is a heavy sleeper and won't wake-up in the night to go for a wee. He drinks far too much fluid and should we limit it towards night-time he would be a bloody nightmare to deal with.

I don't think we are ready either. We are super-busy and we don't think changing the routine now would help either us or the four year old. Saying that we have decided to wait a month or so to see how things change. We are in no rush for him to have dry nights, he will do that in his own time.

I tweeted about the four year old wanting to go dry on Twitter this week and i got some fantastic advice from parents that i thought was worth sharing...

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