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There’s no denying that kids love dens, and if you can combine some creative activities with spending quality time in the garden, then that’s a huge bonus. There are some really fun ways in which you can create a den in the garden, without even having to spend a fortune in the process. You never know what the weather is going to be like either, so you want something you can take down just as quickly as you created it. Looking for some inspiration to help you with your den creation? Continue reading for some useful tips to help you get started.
What You’ll Need
·         A Tarpaulin Sheet or Bedsheets
·         Pegs
·         String
·         Wooden Planks
·         Tent Pegs
·         Two Trees

Building a den in the garden is a really simple process, as long as you have the right tools. Start by laying a large tarpaulin sheet in-between two trees but be sure to check for any loose branches that are lying around on the grass as you don’t them inside the tent. Once you’ve chosen the location for the den, you can get started on the building stages.

Using the string, tie one end around one tree, and the other end to the next tree, creating a tripwire. This should be positioned quite high between the trees as this will be the roof area of the den. Once the string is securely in place you can drape the tarpaulin sheet over the string to create the first part of the den. You then need to get some pegs and peg the top of the tarpaulin sheet to the string to ensure it doesn’t blow away or fall off.

Once your tarpaulin sheet is in position and the roof area is secure, you need to take each corner of the tarpaulin sheet (one at a time) and pierce the corner with a tent peg. Push the tent peg into the ground where you want the tarpaulin sheet to be positioned and after doing this to all corners, you’ll see your den starting to take shape. Remember to make sure all tent pegs are safely in the ground and not poking up out of the grass causing any potential hazards.

Now that your tarpaulin sheet is in place, you can focus on creating the doorway. If you’re happy to cut the sheet, then cutting a straight line up one side of the den will create a door space for you to use to enter and leave the den. To keep this area closed and hide the interiors of the den from the outside world, you can attach some more string to both sides to draw together when you want the doors to be closed.

With your den now in place, you need to work on making the inside a little cosier and comfortable. Go to your local wood merchants and find some quality wooden planks to use for the flooring. This will help to keep you clean and prevent any grass or mud from getting into the den. Once you’ve positioned your wooden planks for the flooring in place, you can start to add some blankets, pillows and other essential items to make the area a little more exciting. You could even grab some favourite books or magazines to put inside the den and read when having some quiet time!

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