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Did you know that 72 per cent of people in Leeds still have tasks on their to-do lists from 2017? With some tasks languishing on their to-do lists for 180-plus days, according to Virgin Trains East Coast.

As a father of two young boys I can understand why, as it often feels like i have hardly any time to get the essential day to day tasks done, let alone anything on my to do list. Even if i did have the free time to tick everything off my list, i probably wouldn’t have the energy or enthusiasm to achieve anything other than sitting down and relaxing in front of the TV right!

So to get myself in gear this week I’ll be working with VirginTrains on the East Coast to power through my to-do list and #GetStuffDone. I have challenged myself to complete one task off my to do list each day for week, starting today!

Here is my to do list
  1. Cleaning out the drains
  2. Booking train tickets for a short getaway
  3. Tidying out the sock draws
  4. Cleaning and tidying the shed
  5. Booking eye tests for the boys and me
  6. Sorting through the toy boxes
  7. Sorting out paper work
  8. Arranging to donate blood
  9. Tidying and washing the car
  10. Defrost the freezer
I bet many of you can relate to having some of the above jobs hanging over your head for a considerable amount of time. I know I have been meaning to defrost the freezer, tidy out the sock draw and book booking a weekend away. Booking train tickets through Virgin Trains on the East Coast in advance can save you money and get perks like. free Wi-Fi, extra legroom and plug points! 

With the #GetStuffDone challenge in mind, I have compiled a round-up of some of the best advice for any parents looking to get through any long standing tasks in the near future.
How to nail you’re to do list as a parent

Baby Steps

I am not being dramatic when I say it can be impossible to do anything with my two. One way the experts say to get those big jobs done is to do them as and when you can. For the jobs that can be done in parts this can be a particularly useful trick.

Distraction Tactics

The oldest trick in the book! If you need to get something done then it is well worth considering keeping your little ones busy whilst you crack-on. So bring out the i-pad, open up a bag of popcorn and pull-out all of the toys to give yourself at least thirty minutes of time.

Kids, helping?

If your children are old enough to follow basic instructions, then they say your children could potentially help you make your way through your to do list. I think it is a great idea in theory, however if like me your little ones argue over the littlest of things, then it might be more trouble than its worth. For the more basic tasks like defrosting the freezing I will more than likely ask the kids to help me take everything out of the freezer, I am sure they can do that without fighting or arguing ..right?  

Friends, family and neighbours!

You know what the easy thing to do would be right? Getting rid of your little ones to a friends or family member! Having just half an hour can you enough time to sort through the sock-draw or booking a short get away for you and your other-half.

Thanks for reading folks, keep a look-out for my tweets in the coming week!

Please feel free to share how you best get through your to do lists, by leaving a comment below.

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