5 Ways That Every Dad Can Relax | #CP

As a dad of two boys I know how stressful parenting can be. It's all screaming for attention and "want, want, want". As soon as they go off to college, the better! Least it makes me more than qualified to write this article on ways that you can do to relax. Apart from the more obvious!

Find A Pub Or A Club.
It helps if you have somewhere to go and time out, maybe have a beer or two and listen to some music. If you drink to excess though you may give yourself more problems!

Even in the smallest of villages there is generally somewhere to meet up with fellow dads or just forget your difficulties.

Play Games or Bet On The Laptop.

Most people relax by finding a game they like on their laptop. Many games are fun to play as well as fun to play with friends. Some people look for great stories or puzzles, fantastic graphics or something else. It's a good way to let off steam.

Betting games are also fun to play and you have the opportunity to bet on the sports you like, sites like bettingtop10.com help punters like me by giving reviews, tips and promo codes. It is vital though that you bet responsibly.

Find A Show To Binge Watch

It might be hard to find to time to watch your favourite programme as a family, especially if your children prefer cartoons and other kid's TV shows. So watching the shows in bulk might be the answer.

It might be tricky for shows that you and your partner like. In which case the best way is switch between their choice and your choice. Hopefully you are patient enough to switch shows after seeing a series, rather than just single episodes!

Potter in the Shed

This might be an older person's hobby but finding the right blooms for your garden will always be appreciated. It's not just flowers, you might also grow plants and even a selection of vegetables.
Even if you only have a lawn you might need to spend time maintaining your garden. A wild area where grass grows to own tune might be appreciated by your children. They might want a swing or a tree house?

Discover your area.

Whether you walk or take the car you might like to look at your local area? Where could you escape to when your partner might be looking round the shops? Even the library might provide some time to go online or look at local organisations.

But as with anything it's up to you. You only get out of things what you put in.

How do you unwind after a long day with the kids?

Yorkshire Dad

Part-time daddy and lifestyle blogger. Father of 2 boys under 2. Golfer, scare-fan, tea-lover, traveller, squash and poker player. I write on the @HuffPostUK http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/karl-young/

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