Aldi and Lidl are leaving potty training parents short!

Budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl have always prided themselves on offering the best value for families and shout-out about how they are set-up to support families of all sizes and budgets. But are they doing all they can to help parents with young potty training children?

There was an estimated 697,852 babies born in the UK, according to the ONS in 2015. So it is safe to say that a good number of those babies would now be toddlers, which means that some of their parents will be taking the brave step in to potty training.

For those of you that have not yet had the “pleasure” of potty training a young human, it can be difficult for so many reasons. As those wee little ones can’t hold it in for very long, meaning that they need access to a toilet within seconds or else! It is ok if they are wearing a nappy, but for those parents brave enough to leave the house without one on their little one, they need to plan ahead by carrying spare clothing and knowing where the toilets are in every home, shop or restaurant.
Both Lidl and Aldi stores that I have visited don’t give their customers access to toilets. So if any child, carer or adult need access to the facilities they need ask a member of staff to be taken out the back or in to the warehouse to access the staff toilet.

These toilets are not in the greatest condition, which I don’t mind, however they do not have great baby changing facilities you would expect to see in a supermarket toilet.

Chuck in the lack of double seated trollies, tantrums, little staffing and crates lining the aisles it has got to a point for me where I would rather pay more money for my weekly shop, just to have the privilege of using a clean/family friendly toilet.

I can no longer run outside and let my child wee in a bush or ride around with a potty in the car, emptying it on the street or in drains and piling soiled loo roll in to a tiny nappy bag. All because it is quicker to do that than find and ask a member of staff to take us to the toilet.

I am aware that some of the newer and larger Lidl and Aldi stores now have family friendly facilities, but that isn’t really going to help those parents who live next to stores without easy access to a toilet.  
Both Lidl and Aldi don’t mention any details around their facilities for their customers on their websites either, which in my eyes is an admission of them neglecting one of their customer’s most basic needs over profit.

After seeing the comments, blogs, news stories and tweets shaming the stores for their lack of washrooms, i do think that they have an opportunity to provide a better service. Add a couple of toilet signs around the store and simply making parents aware of their facilities, I think would really go a long way.

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