Christmas gift Ideas for the family

With Halloween over, it is now time to shift all our effort and attention on to the festive season. We love Christmas and i can tell you now that my wife has already started ear-marking toys and gifts for all member of the family. Me on the other-hand i am not so organised when it comes to thinking about and buying gift for our loved ones.

I tend to leave shopping to the last minute and the last pay day before Christmas. In a bid to not leave anything to the last minute i have found a couple of ideas that i think not only my family would love, but yours would too:

Check out these unique gift ideas for your kidsideas for stocking fillers, and gift ideas for the wife below:

Sound-Activated Light Blocks 
Your little ones can build-up your own imaginative sculptures and then make it glow with sound. Perfect kids with big imaginations! GBP 22.56 - 75.19

Build Your Own Marble Coaster 
One of the most fun and creative gifts on the market, you can construct your own creative coaster with this laser-cut wood kit.
GBP 22.52

Super Magnetic Putty 
Made with micron-sized iron-based particles, this charged-up putty has magnetic powers. Keeping your littles ones well entertained:
GBP 10.53
Beating Heart in a Bottle Sculpture 
Through the power of gravity alone, the body's most symbolic organ "beats" inside a clear glass bottle. GBP 75.77

Personalized Love Birch Cuff 
Cast from birch bark, this brass cuff evokes the romantic tradition of carving lovers? names into a tree. GBP 75.77

Links of Love Necklace 
Beth Lawrence's pieces subtly represents the ineffably strong connection a mother shares with her child. GBP 39.40

Skyline of Love 
This artwork marries a couple's names and anniversary date with a modern portrait of the city they love. GB 121.24
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