Christmas came early! Land Rover Defender Electric Ride-on Toy Review - Halfords #AD

The boys have well and truly been surprised this week thanks to Halfords. As we have been given a Land Rover Defender Electric Ride-on Toy to test-drive!

I have always wanted to test one of these electric cars, so naturally i jumped at the chance to take it for a spin. The car itself is a genuine Land Rover product and comes the branding you would expect to see on their real cars. You can pick-up the Defender for £75 currently on the Halfords website. But what do you get for your money and is it worth it?...

In exchange for your hard earned cash your little ones will a get ride on car that has both forward and reverse gears reaching speeds of up to 3km per hour. It has real suspension so your little ones can take it on and off road. Other feature include working headlights, a seat belt, it makes realistic engine sounds, it comes with an MP3 facility and it has a  rather healthy 60-90 minutes run time.

Delivered to your door you will find the instruction and charger under the seat. The instructions are easy enough to follow and i would say it only took me a good ten minutes to get everything built-up. I did find screwing in the wing-mirrors most difficult as it was rather fiddly to get the screws in to the holes.

The car needs a good 10 hours to charge so keep that in mind if you are giving the ride on car as a gift!

Once we had it built and well charged overnight we decided to take it out to one of our favourite spots, Spofforth Castle. Which is a small castle just on the edge of Knaresborough and Harrogate, i highly recommend visiting! We felt that it was the perfect location as it had several different surfaces to drive on as well as a couple of bumps.

Within the castle it performed really well on the hard and tough ground, it was quick, nimble and resilient to the boys bumping it in to the walls and columns. Taking it on to the wet grass and down the hill was the next test. Even on the wet and sometimes muddy grass it continued to move, slower at times but it pushed-on, Like you imagine a real Defender would in the same situation.

Check-out the video i took on my phone of the boys taking it around the castle grounds:

It is often easy to say i love a product in a product review post, but i really would recommend the Land Rover Defender ride on car to any parent. It is well built and therefore i felt safe letting the boys speed-off and bash in to things unintentionally. Knowing that it won't break after two days i bet is reassuring to most parents!

I don't want you just to take my word for it so i asked the boys what three things they loved the most about the ride on toy and this is what they said:
  • How fast it went
  • The sounds it made on the grass 
  • The horn is loud!!
If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas then i implore you to visit the Kids Zone on the Halfords website.

Thanks to Halfords for allowing me to test drive the Land Rover Defender! 

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