The Joy of Good Customer Service

It can be bloody difficult having two children at times. My two year old and three year old can be a force of nature when they want to be, which can make it fairly tough for me when I am out and about on my own.

It can be rather unpleasant when they are kicking-off when you are alone and more often than not, in these difficult times we need those close-by, whether they be friends, neighbours, strangers or employees of an organisation to give us parents a helping-hand. 

This week i have teamed-up with Contact Customer Services Number to talk about good customer service and how important it is to both families and businesses:

I recently took a trip to my local Morrions store on an early Saturday morning. It was no different to any other Saturday other than my two year old having a cold, which made him a bit more grumpy and irritable than usual. Heading around the store I didn’t face many battle baring the ones I am used to; one being them wanting everything and the other being them wanting to get in and out of the trolley every two minutes.

Getting to the end of the shop I pull my trolley up to check-out and start unloading my shop. As soon as I had finished unloading the shop on to the conveyor-belt, my three year old decided he needs a wee. Not perfect timing and considering the fact that it was busy and my three year old can’t hold his bladder for longer than a minute I had a decision to make. Do I risk it and make him wait or do I run to the loo with both boys making everyone wait for us?

The kind lady behind the check-out (I didn’t catch her name unfortunately as I was in panic-mode) completely understood our situation and must have seen the anguish in my face, because she turned to us and said “just go love, everyone else can wait. Your little one is more important than their shopping”.

This was music to my ears and without thinking I ran off with the two kids between my arms to the other side of the store. After a couple of minutes i had returned with one happy three year old, we arrived back to find that the lady packing all our shopping-up in to the shopping bags I had left in the trolley.

Overwhelmed, i was attempting to put the boys back in the trolley ready to finish packing and to pay, when all of a sudden the two year old decides he doesn’t want to play-ball and had a paddy. He didn’t want to go in the trolley, he wanted to go back to see the tractor ride we had just run past moments ago. Arching his back and whaling around like a banshee, I wrestled him in to the trolley where his brother who was talking to the check-out lady about what he was having for lunch or something.

Ready to pay, I looked at the women and she just smiled. No look of anger, disgust or prejudice, she understood that in those moments I needed time to sort them both out. I confess the customers behind me were not happy, but I was and that’s why I am writing this post today. Next week I am going to go in to the store and find out that kind employees name.

Kindness and customer service go hand in hand. Helping out a parent in need is a sure fire way to almost guarantee repeat and loyal customers. Here is an awesome infographic by showing you just how important good customer service is to business:

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