Viral Meningitis & Glandular Fever

So many of you will already know from seeing my social media accounts being updated constantly with nothing other than moaning about being ill, that i have unfortunately been struck down with a rather bad case of glandular fever.

Lucky old me got it bad, of course i did i always do. So for those of you that don't know, glandular fever is a viral infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus that can cause symptoms including swollen glands, fever, sore throat, muscle ache, chills, loss of appetite, eye pain, swollen tonsils and fatigue lasting for several weeks. It is like having a cold on steroids, i personally haven't had anything worse than this in my lifetime. Just to add insult to injury i also was diagnosed
with an inflamed liver,spleen and swelling in the head,which affected the meds i could take!

I have had the most painful headaches in the world due to the swelling, the glands all over my head swelling up it has almost been impossible to eat, drinks and think in these recent weeks. I have felt drained, not being able to move out of bed, raging fevers and sleepless nights. So the fever has pretty much rendered me useless to anyone and has resulted or will result in the following:
  • Spending 3 days/nights in hospitals
  • Having to take almost 30 tablets a day
  • Missing my son's birthday day out
  • Canceling my son's birthday party
  • Unable to go on my surprise stag-do to Poland
  • Missing the King's Of Leon gig in Sheffield
  • Having two weeks off sick from work
  • Being signed off from work for another three weeks
Man i have had it rough, i know many people experience worse pain and illness in their lives, but this one has destroyed me both physically and mentally. It has made me feel like i haven't been able to be a good dad or boyfriend.

We've had to rely on family and friends to help with the childcare as i simply do not have the strength or energy to get out of bed or make my self soup. I have really struggled not being able to be the human i am, not being able to get up and clean he house or sit on the floor with my boys and just chill. My partner has worked her socks off to keep the ship steady and she deserves a medal for her services!

The change in routine has really thrown the boys out of sync and therefor a little bit out of character. My 1yo charlie really has missed me, he is a daddies boy and has shown me so much love and affection when he sees me out of bed and around the house. The 3yo has been a bit emotional, he is understanding that i am ill and i will be for a little longer. He has been pushing the limits with the grandparents and he's had a few accidents. All in all they have both been getting on ok, nothing over dramatic. 

In a week or so i might have the energy and power to take back my responsibilities, but until then i just know i have to rest. Resting is something i hate doing, i hate missing work, i hate being ill, i hate being stuck in the house for one day... i've been stuck inside for almost three weeks now!

I gotta take it slow and steady i know i do, but i can not wait to be able to go out and eat some real food, jump around with the boys on the trampoline with the boys, spend some quality time with the other-half and get a bloody good nights sleep.

Thanks for reading folks.

Karl Young

Part-time daddy and lifestyle blogger. Father of 2 boys under 2. Golfer, scare-fan, tea-lover, traveller, squash and poker player. I write on the @HuffPostUK

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