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Last week i got the chance to put the Quechua X-light jacket to the test. Available from Decathlon, Europe's number one sports retailer, the jacket is on sale for £29.99.

There was probably no better time to put such a winter jacket to the test considering the low temperatures and turbulent weather we've had over recent weeks. In Yorkshire is has constantly rained nearly every day, but as many of you know that when you have kids a little bit of rain won't stop your kids from wanting to go outside to the park and have fun.

The jacket arrived in a branded postal-bag, i had it sent through Royal Mail's next day delivery so the post-man had to get a signature. The Quechua coat arrived without a scratch and it reassuring to see that the company hasn't used any unnecessary material - i only make this point as in the run up to Christmas some of the parcel i have received have arrived in large boxes, which is a gigantic waste of resources and money.

Quechua X-light jacket is very lightweight, duck feather-filled coat, designed to protect the wearer from the cold on mountain hikes and has even been tested for optimum comfort between -5°C and -10°C.

The coat it's self has two outer projects and two inner pockets. The large jacket is only 440g, which helps make it super-easy and comfortable to move around in. For those going out in to the wilderness for a walk, it is good to know that the jacket comes with a waterproof pouch and that the jacket can be packed away quickly.

I thought it was worth noting here that the Quechua X-light jacket comes with a two year guarantee. When you invest in a jacket you also want to know more about it.. what it's made of and most importnlty how do you take of it? Well Decathlon have provided a wealth of information for anyone looking to invest in the jacket...
1.  Inflating power of down/feather filling For this down jacket filled 75/25, the inflating power of the down/feather is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 540 CUIN
2.  The advantages of duck down and feather filling* (for the back and front of the down jacket) The durable and inflating properties of the down give this jacket
3.  qualities for hiking: - Thermal insulation thanks to the air trapped in the down and feathers - Ultra-light weight: down is lighter than synthetic wadding while offering the same degree of warmth.This allows you to lighten the load in your backpack - Ultra compactable * Our feathers come from Chinese ducks reared for their meat; we remove their feathers after slaughter. We hold the death certificates for these ducks 3 The advantages of synthetic down filling (for the arms, sides and hood) Synthetic down (wadding) provides an appealing alternative to feather down: - it provides good thermal insulation even when wet - it provides a little breathability and may be recommended for dynamic activity (down is recommended for static or moderate activity)
4.  Choice of jacket filler materials The X-Light down jacket is made using natural down and synthetic filling (wadding), for a good balance of warmth, light weight and compact properties at an attractive price. Down provides a lot of warmth around the torso and back. It allow the jacket to remain very lightweight and compressible. The technical wadding in the arms, sides and hood is thinner and more comfortable during movement than basic wadding while providing equivalent warmth.
5. Care advice for a down jacket with down and feather filling The down jacket can be worn throughout the winter and will certainly need to be washed. How to wash and dry your down jacket 6. In the event of rain The material of this down jacket is water repellent. It allows drops of water to slide off the fabric which delays penetration of water into the jacket while you get out of the rain. But the down jacket is not waterproof. We therefore recommend wearing a waterproof jacket over the down jacket in the event of prolonged exposure to rain.
To put it through its paces i took it for spin to the supermarket (In the rain) with the family. One of the first things you notice is the feel of the jacket; smooth and gentle the coats description might come across as hard and rugged but the jacket in use is comfortable and stylish.

Running from the car to the supermarket in the rain i could see that the rain just bounced-off the jacket, keeping me warm and dry.

A day later we headed to the park early in the morning. It was a rather cold morning and playing on all the equipment with Ted helped me break the jacket in. Whilst it was a good-fit there was plenty of room to manoeuvre and the Quechua X-light jacket kept the wind-out well.

Whilst i didn't venture up any mountains or go for any long hikes i feel that the jacket was well-made and did what it was advertised to do and more! Reading the reviews my words only echo my previous comments. The jacket is both value for money and water-proof, so if you are looking for a winter/hiking jacket gift either for yourself or someone else it is worth checking it out:

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