4 Reasons Why The Rugby World Cup Should Be A Family Affair

The world’s biggest Rugby tournament is on our door-step and if you haven't yet been in engrossed in the buzz around the tournament then you are missing-out big time.

To get our family in the mood Tesco sent us over a massive family bundle of goodies for our very own family party. We put these goodies to good use this week and had our very own family picnic before the big England VS Australia games.

Whilst England lost the game we had loads fun and my son now loves chucking a rugby ball with his dad. So from sitting down and watching most of the games in the cup i believe that the game should be a family affair and here is why...

1. The Atmosphere
One of the most iconic things about the England games are the songs that they sing. Thousands of people singing 'Swing low' creates one hell of an atmosphere for those inside and outside of the stadium.

Watching my son watching the game it was easy to see why he enjoyed all of the cheering, clapping and shouting from the crowd, but most of all he loved the singing. He started to join in after i began singing 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' a couple of times.

To make the tournament extra special we set up a fan zone where we housed a wide range of items from world flags, a crowd background, a gigantic inflatable pint of beer and yes the rugby ball.

2. Fitness
With a big tournament like the Rugby world cup on our doorstep it gives parents the chance to get off the sofa and inspire younger kids to try out Rugby for the first time.

Putting an egg shaped ball in my son's hands gave him the chance to play with something he hasn't yet played with. I had the chance to teach him how to throw the ball and also how to tackle. He now knows not to kick the rugby ball and not to chuck the football. He also comes home from nursery and wants to play with the ball instead of coming home and watching bloody Mr Tumble.


You should never need an excuse to have fun with your family. But the Rugby World Cup on home soil is one of the best reasons to have fun and party. Throwing a World Cup party gives you the chance to eat treats and all spend time together in one room, watching a once in a life time game unfold before your very eyes.

4. Clothing
Not only do you get to have fun, eat food and sing your heart out you get the chance to kit out your little one in the cutest outfits. Thanks to Tesco's for sending over these kits for both my son and myself. Wearing the kits distilled me with a sense of pride and my son loved wearing matching clothes with his daddy.

Whilst my littlest boy wasn't old enough to watch and enjoy the England game he was great company after my eldest went to bed. He kept me company and also warm on the cold and tough night, whilst we dropped out of the World Cup i am still going to support the other nations close to home and continue to wear the Rose with pride.

There are still some brilliant games still to watch over the coming weeks:
  • Friday 9th October - New Zealand vs. Toga 8PM 
  • Saturday 10th October - Australia vs. Wales – 4.45PM & England vs. Uruguay
  • 8PM Sunday 11th October - France vs. Ireland – 4.45PM
I have been sharing our experiences on Twitter with the hashtag #CelebrateTheNations

Karl Young

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