Mother's Day Jewellery Shopping at Beaverbrooks

This weekend i headed over to York for a weekend away with the family. As mother’s day is just around the corner I wanted to treat my partner to her first proper mother’s day present. York is one of the most unique places to shop in the UK; cobbled streets, historic housing lining the side streets with a fantastic mix of high-street and independent stores.

Beaverbrooks are a unique high-street jewellers based at the heart of York’s shopping district, you can find them on Spurrier gate, but they have stores all around the United Kingdom.  They even have a website selling the biggest and best jewellery brands, as well as their own range of fine jewellery.

After hitting a couple of shops we headed over to the store, stopping outside first to browse their window displays. We were greeted by a lovely member of staff called Jodie (after browsing for a little while). She asked if wanted any help (We did at this point) and asked if we wanted to take a seat; offering us all a drink as well.

So we all sat down with Jodie and told her that Teddy was looking to get his mummy her first mother’s day present. She asked about the budget we had and if we’d seen anything that we liked. Like the true shopper my girlfriend is she spotted at least five things she liked, so Jodie went away and came back to present a wide range of rings and bracelets to her at the table.

By this time a few minutes had past and Teddy (14mo) wanted to be out of his pram and in front of all the action, helping daddy pick a piece of jewellery. He happily sat with us all interacting with Jodie, he even tried to help her put the jewellery back in their boxes.

I have never felt so comfortable buying jewellery before, the personal approach that Beaverbrooks offer was pressure free, putting you us all at ease. We not only got a fun loving assistant to help us with the whole shopping experience but we got someone who was fab with Ted.

After a few items were viewed mummy decided to have another look around after earmarking some of her favourite pieces. Jodie walked around with us and helped us picking out the products and telling us their specifications, all with Ted at the centre of the action.

It was great to feel that he was welcome at the store as sometimes I guess you believe that children would be unwanted in stores like this. 

Ted happily sat back down eating his box of raisins whilst both mummy and daddy decided on what they wanted to buy. Mummy got to try on a wide range of jewellery, i believe we sent 40 minutes in the store and not once did we feel pressured to hurry up, which was nice.

Mummy picked out a silver cubic zirconia threestone ring. After we helped mummy decided on the ring she had to have her ring finger measured. 

It transpired that the store didn't have the ring in stock but the great thing is that they will deliver the ring to our home address free of charge, any-time we want. Any time as in we can tell them when we want it; this is a fab service as it means that we won’t miss the delivery and have to travel miles to the post office delivery centre to pick a missed parcel.

We left the store over the moon with our purchases and impressed with the highest level of service we have ever had at any high-street store. If you like these types of rings, then you might want to consider looking at sister rings as well.

So for all you dad's out there, i recommend heading over to your local Beaverbrook store if you need a little bit of advice on what to get your mum this mother's day. 

Karl Young

Part-time daddy and lifestyle blogger. Father of 2 boys under 2. Golfer, scare-fan, tea-lover, traveller, squash and poker player. I write on the @HuffPostUK

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