PicStick: Magnificent Photo Magnets

The fine folks over have been kind enough to give me the opportunity to review their personalised photo magnets.

So i was tasked with finding nine photos from my phone and Facebook to have printed on these awesome new magnets. A task which I have to say was terribly difficult considering i have a million and one photos of my son on both my phone and FB.

After i had spent the morning deciding on which snaps i should upload on to the easy to use picstick site on which you can login in with Facebook making the tasks of selecting images simple and effortless.

All you need to do to create these photo magnets is to drag and drop the photos you love into the nine empty boxes, you can crop and rotate the images to make them fit in seconds. You fill in all nine boxes and then you confirm your selection, then they get sent to their employees in the UK to be printed.

My magnets arrived after three days, an exceptional delivery time. The nice branded package fit through the post box so you have no need to wait for the delivery and the letter is nicely branded and secure.

I ripped the package open when i arrived home today and pulled out 9 fantastically printed personalised photo magnets with 9 individual moments captured superbly in these little squares.

I honestly love the idea of having my favourite photos on the fridge, every time I walk past I can smile and remember all the amazing memories associated with my selected photos.

These magnets will make perfect gifts for your family and friends. I will be investing in more for the grandparents, i plan on having my sons school photos printed on the these magnets.

If you fancy giving them a try the guys and girls have giving my a discount for you to use. So use the DAD25 discount code to create your on magnets!

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