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Growing-up there were certain programs that i remember having a huge impact on my life. Programs that probably helped shape my vocabulary and the man i am today.  Shows like Goose Bumps, Simpson, the Fresh Prince, Buffy, Friends and Hey Arnold!, just to name a few. Each of our favourite shows had at least one saying that we used throughout our school years; "Eat my shorts" was a particular favourite of mine at the beginning of high-school!

One of the best things about Netflix in my view is the fact that you can expose some of these old programs, and more importantly their catch-phrases to a brand new generation. Check-out some of the programs my three year old and one year old have been learning new phrases from:

Powers Rangers
Growing-up the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a revaluation to me, the drama and action had me mesmerised, plus i had a big crush on the Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson. Today the graphics and actions doesn't feel as cutting edge, but the magic is still there. Netflix have a wealth of Power Ranger series from Dino Charge, Space, Mystic Forcre, Zeo and Ninja Storm to name but a few.

My three year old is obsessed with Power Rangers, he started off watching the newest series Dino Charge and quickly moved on to obsessing loads over the other series. To this day it melts my heart hearing him sing the the theme tune and especially when he recites the morphin sequence word for word!

Growing up Prince Adam was a true inspiration, appearing weak to some, but little did they know he was the mighty He-Man with incredible strength. Along with some his friends and allies Teela, Orko, Battle Cat they battled Skeletor and other foes for control of the kingdom.

One of the most iconic lines of all time from any animated series has to be "by the power of Grey Skull, i have the power"...
Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles
TMNT series are full of kick-ass catch-phrases: cowabunga dude, turtle power, shell-up, high-3, pizzzaaaaaa, taste my nunchuck fury!

Netflix have the newest series and TMNT movie, both do not disappoint when it comes to paying homage to the original series. The most recent series have thrown in booyakasha, a phrase i relate to Ali G more than a do the mutant turtles!

 There are a handful of shows on Netflix UK that my son has also picked-up some sayings from.
  • Bet Bugs: All you need is love
  • Dinotrux: Trux it up
  • Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol on a roll
  • Blaze and the Monster Machine: give it some speed

Thank for reading folks, have any of your little ones picked up any sayings from new Netflix shows or one of your old favourites?

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Susan Mann said...

Aww this is so cute and yes it brings back many wonderful memories. Cartoons of the past were the best.