Trespass Waterproof Jacket & Trouser Review

I love England, but often the weather has a fair amount of say in what we do  in our day to day lives. As as parent and homeowner the weather can often throw me off guard, weather i am out on a countryside walk with the kids or doing the odd jobs in the garden.

Recently i was asked by Tresspass to put their waterproof outfit to the test, i was more than willing to take on that test as i knew that Tresspass were a trust name for outdoor clothing. So over the last week or so i have been breaking-in a water-proof jacket and pair of trousers to see how they fared in the rain and wind, as well as seeing how practical and comfortable they are!

The first item i tried on was the Qikpac pack-away waterproof trousers, they retail for £18.99 and have a good amount of features including: 3 pocket openings, elasticated waist, taped seams, hem stud adjusters, packs into mesh pouch. With a TP75 rating, Trespass rates them as happy medium between basic technical features and professional-level technicality.

So for your money you get a windproof pair of waterproof trousers to at least 5000mm and breathable to 5000mvp. They are lightweight and are nice on the eye, you can easily integrate a pair into an existing outfit as they are available in Black, Navy and Flint.

The trousers are well packed upon arrival, they look and feel quality-made and most importantly they feel rather comfortable. I would say that the M size is a large medium, but the fact they had a little bit of grow room for me wasn't a concern and didn't in any way hinder the move-ability and comfort of the trouser. 

The great thing about the Quik-Pac pouch is that i could easily take it along golfing with me as it fit in my golf bag effortlessly and without taking up lots of space!

The Kellar Men's water-proof jacket seemed like a good jacket to match with the quik-pack trousers. The jacket retails for £29.99 and unlike the trousers, the jacket is good for everyday use and as it has practical style why wouldn't you wear it in the colder and wetter seasons?!

So in terms of the coats features you get: a adjustable concealed hood, 2 pockets, hem drawcord, elasticated cuff with Tabs and printed lining. The Trespass rating is TP50 which means it has the right combination of waterproofing and breath-ability to meet basic needs while you’re pursuing a select outdoors activity. It doesn't suggest heading-out into extreme conditions, but for your long walks and outdoor pursuits it is more than capable of handing the windy and wet weather!

The waterproof jacket is also available in grey, green and black styles, all easily matched to a range of outdoor kits. Being lightweight and practical means i can wear the coat on almost any occasion!

As you can see from the images below, both the trousers and jacket go well together making a brilliant water-proof pairing for under £50.00. They both fit rather well and i felt that they were breathable and flexible as i went about my gardening maintenance tasks on a wet Sunday morning.You do expect waterproof jackets to be heavy, but honestly this jacket was not bulky or heavy at all, i could easily fit it into a travel bag or my golf bag!

Among those tasks was one rather less enjoyable one, clearing the drain which offered the perfect opportunity to put the outfit to the test. With the light-rain and the water from the hose splashing my outfit it stood-firm and kept me bone dry, even after a good soaking with the hose, the water didn't hold to the clothing it ran off and you can see in the video below:

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