Product Review: Mirtello Orbit watch by Weird Ape

Looking for a new affordable watch? is a UK watch store that has a collection of eye catching watches in a variety of shapes and styles.

Every-man needs a watch in his life and most of us don't have a shed-load of cash to flash around. All the Mens Watches on the site are on sales for £29. That is one hell of a price considering the quality and range of watches they have on the site.

I got the chance to review the service this week and here is my honest product review of one their unusual watches...

I decided to go for the Mirtello Orbit watch, the analogue watch is described as one of the more understated yet no less stylish of the men’s mechanical watches in Weird Ape’s collection.

One of the reasons i picked this particular watch out of the entire collection was that i needed a smart looking piece to wear when i am smartly dressed or suited and booted.

The product arrived through the post and i have to say that it arrived well protected. It arrived in a protective envelope and inside a fab looking pouch. Inside the pouch the watch was surrounded by a plastic-like box and the ticker it's self was wrap in a cling-film like product.

Being honest i was actually surprised at the level of the protection around the product, i honestly thought that paying such a small amount for a new timepiece would mean that the protection/packaging would have been minimal.

Under all that protection was a watch that has a small, ‘8 shaped’ cutaway through the inner workings of the watches, showing the kinetic movements of the mechanism

The strap is made from high quality gunmetal-coloured stainless steel and features a push-button clasp. A very comfortable strap and a watch that is lightweight, making it the perfect watch for those special occasions or even when i am in the office at the desk.

Other interesting features include luminescent hands, splash resistant and automatic self charge.

One thing worth noting about the Mirtello Orbit watch is that length of watch band is18.0cm (7.0").

For me this was four links to big, as i have small wrists. I had to nip to my local watch-store to get the links removed at a cost of £8. I knew this before i purchased and i did try removing the links myself but the bar between the first link was for far too hard to remove myself without having the right equipment.

As you can see from the photo within the blog post the watch now fits perfectly.

So in a nut-shell: the watch was cheap, well protected, well made and is aesthetically pleasing. Trust me when i say that i will be using the site again for myself and for Christmas presents.

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Disclaimer - The watch was gifted to me by Weird Ape, however the views and opinions expressed in this post are my own and have in no way been influenced by any third party.

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