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Life is what we make it, or so the old saying goes, which means it is crucial to make it as happy as possible. Having fun, enjoying everything that comes our way, making the most of every moment these are all important elements, and it’s what we try to do with the photographic fun that we offer. However, it’s not just about the things we need to remember to do that makes us and our lives happier; it’s about the things that we should stop doing as well. Here are some of them to think about: if you can remove at least some of these from your life, you will feel so much better and enjoy yourself a lot more.


Being Perfect

It may feel like something that is expected of us, but trying too hard to achieve perfection (which really doesn’t exist) could be making you unhappy, and you might not even realize it. By striving for perfection and never feeling as though we are attaining it, we are actively telling ourselves that we are not good enough. This feeling will steadily erode our self-confidence and make us feel as though we are always under-achieving.

This might be why so many people choose to opt for cosmetic surgery. Although this can feel like the ideal way to become ‘better,’ in some cases it can be a mistake and something that not only causes regret, but that causes physical and mental pain, and a claim with www.the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk will need to be considered. The cost of perfection can be very high indeed.

Instead of striving for perfection, strive to be as good as you can be - in most cases, that is more than enough!  


Think about all the times you complain, either out loud or to yourself, throughout the day. It could be a big problem or a small one, but no matter what it is or whether it is a relevant complaint or not, when you look on the negative side of things, you are creating a negative frame of mind for yourself. Negativity is a powerful thing, and it will easily override positivity, and it will bring your entire day down and make you feel unhappy even when the moment you were complaining about has passed.

When you feel as though you want to complain about something, stop for a moment. If it is not a big problem and complaining won’t achieve anything, try to look at the positive instead. Of course, if a complaint is necessary to stop something wrong from happening or to help other people then go ahead, but if not, try not to complain at all and see what a difference it makes in your life.

Living In The Past

It’s good to look back at the past and enjoy the warm memories that go with it – that’s what photographs can do and why they are such an important part of everyone’s life. However, there is a big difference between visiting the past and living there. The former is good for you; it’s how lessons are learned, and it can make you feel happy and nostalgic. The latter is bad for you; it means you aren’t able to fully appreciate the present, and you are constantly re-living mistakes that you made.

To be really happy, you need to live in the moment (a practice known as mindfulness). The past has a lot to teach us, but we can’t stay there or we will miss out on the happiness of today.

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