Simple Space Saving and Decorating Inspiration Kids Bedrooms

Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in nappies; the next day you're in school studying and before you know it out in the big world. But until the day you move-out of your parents’ house you are note really an adult right? By the end of next week i will have a four year old and as such we think that we should give his room a little bit of a make-over. You know move away from the baby blue paint, animal murals and neutral furniture, to add some character to help reflect more of little man’s growing personality.

We don’t just want to create a room for the now, we want a room he can enjoy and use for years to come Browsing through Pinterest, Etsy and online stores we have come across some truly awesome and inspiration products to turn his room in to a room fit for a sassy and growing four year old boy. I want to share with you my ideas in the hope my space saving and decorating tips will provide you and your family the inspiration you need to create a truly fantastic space for your little monster.


With Christmas and his Birthday fast approaching we would love to get hold of shelving that can be used for both holding his Lego figures and essentials; money boxes, picture frames and artwork. We don't really have the space to add in extra storage so adding stuffing to the walls is a must do.

The image of the right provided me with some ideas on how we would like something that versatile. We could potentially look at up-cycling an old wardrobe by cutting one of the sides in to three halves and placing them on the walls. With each panel having different length of shelving, thus creating a considerable amount of room for the lego and clutter!


Julian Bowen Pluto Midsleeper Bed in Stone White

In a bid to free-up more floor space we have been looking at children's mid sleeper cabin beds. We think that by getting rid of his current unused bunk-bed, we can gain that much needed space for storage boxes or even a little desk where he can work on practising his spelling and drawing. The mid-sleep above retails for £180, a reasonable price for a fun, safe and comfortable place for your kids to sleep. Especially when you think that my three year old could have that bed for at least another five years!

You could always look at hammocks reviews to find a suitable one for your kid as another space saving option.


Image credit: Armelle Habib/Livingetc & Ideal Home

I really like the idea of up-cycling old lockers to use as storage. I came across the above image on Ideal Home's website and i the array of bright shades, such storage would add a unique stamp on the space. In reality finding and fixing one-up would be tough, but i think it would be worth it spending around £100+ on it as it a feature piece that can be used for years to come.


Source: pinterest.co.uk/pin/515591857325960106/
I don't want to spend money on a new carpet when the one we have now is only a couple of years old. Whilst it might be a tad bland and boring i think a injection of colour and fun could come about in the form of an educational rug. My three year old is eager to learn and i think that by adding in a map of the World he would play and learn from it. I have seen other educational and or fun rugs online for around £60-80.

Thanks for reading folks, if you have had any design inspiration for your little ones bedroom please do share with me your thoughts and pictures.

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