How to Prepare Your Home for a Festive Party

With Christmas on the way it is time to get your party plans and house in order. Once you’ve invited the guests, the next step to throwing a fabulous party is to get prepared. There are lots of things involved with planning a party, from selecting simple décor touches, to choosing the menu and drinks options, so it’s always beneficial to be ready and plan ahead. 

One of the main things that many people overlook until the last minute, however, are the home preparations. When you’re welcoming people into your home to attend your party, you need to ensure everything is exactly how you want it to be!

Create Lists
Trying to remember everything that needs to be done for the home preparations can be very difficult, especially when you have tasks and subtasks to include. Creating a selection of lists to help keep note of all of the different tasks that you need to do is so beneficial, especially when you put them into order of priority. Not only will making lists really benefit your whole preparation process, but it will also help you to save valuable time and get things done in good timing.

We’re all guilty of letting our homes become slightly cluttered, and it’s easy to overlook this until you have people coming to visit. The moment you know someone else is going to be coming to your house, there’s a sudden rush and panic to get the house into a better state. De-clutteringeach room in your home will simply enable you to make the space look and feelmore inviting, whilst also helping to get rid of some of the rubbish that has accumulated over the last few months. One very important thing to remember is that if you have guests that are going to be staying over, you may want to ensure that their bedrooms are welcoming and homely, as there’s nothing worse than staying in a room that feels more like a storage space.

Decorative Touches
Whether you plan to position lots of delicious buffet bites on your sideboard for people to nibble on, or you want to have your champagne flutes positioned neatly on the coffee table for people to help themselves, there are additional décor touches that you need to add to the space to make it feel special. Food and drink are always the winners at a party, but the additional extras are what make the event stick in people’s minds. Frombeautiful bunting draped along your oak dresser, to balloons and speciallydecorated cupcakes to add a personalised touch, you can transform your interiors into a fabulous party space.

Prepare for Mini Emergencies
Hosting a party in your own home is always going to make you feel cautious, especially when you have red wine and white carpets. Preparing for minor accidents is always going to leave you in a better position, as you won’t feel as panicked if something does occur. Whether it’s moving all of your precious ornaments or furniture pieces into the loft for the duration of the party, or you lay pretty tablecloths on the oak table to prevent any stains from glasses or plates, there are lots of useful things you can do to prevent accidents from causing too much mayhem. Always ensure that you have a good selection of plastic cups and plates when children are attending the party, as you know how likely they are to drop them without realising. Similarly, you should always make sure you have some cleaning products close by just in case of any spillages, as this way you aren’t frantically searching the cupboards when you do become in need. 

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