Luxurious Desserts for your Child’s Birthday Party

Is it totally crazy to order in luxury desserts and sweet treats for your child’s birthday party? Is using a food delivery service like Deliveroo to make their day perfect just spoiling them absolutely rotten? Hear me out on this one….

As a dad, I obviously want my kids to have great memories of their childhoods when they grow up and birthday parties are the perfect time to push the boat out and really make it special for them.
Now I know there’s a possibility that they might not remember a lot of the effort that goes into making the day special. (How many of your parties from when you were under five can you remember?) Nevertheless, you still want to go to town.

I also know, like anyone who’s read a few parenting psychology books, that when you’re a busy parent there can sometimes be this temptation to try and make easy substitutions. If you’re working and don’t get back till late and end up missing story time, or if you just feel you’re not available enough for your kids, then you can be tempted to try and make it up to them with treats. In other words you try to substitute time, for stuff. That’s obviously no good, but I don’t think that’s what this is about. I think I just want them to have a nice birthday party with a delicious dessert involved in the proceedings.

OK, so what about the cute, homemade stuff? I know there are parents who swear by character cakes. Well I’m not saying don’t do that too… if you are capable of it. If you’re a great baker then I think homemade is great. Apart from anything, homemade cakes allow you to personalise, which the kids definitely appreciate. Seeing their favourite character sat on top of a cake, no matter how misshapen, is a thrill for them. But we’re not all great bakers and it’s quite an undertaking if you’re not confident in the kitchen! (Check out this impressive video that makes it all look misleadingly easy!) You don’t want the pressure you put on yourself to turn out a reasonable likeness of Batman, or whoever it might be, to ruin the day. You want that precious time to be free for running the games and attempting to control the madness of over-excited children.

And anyway, there’s a certain quality that only the professionals can produce, and when those flavours hit your palate, they’re very hard to argue with. What I have in mind (and just see if you aren’t salivating in a minute), is something like the ridiculously rich Chocolate Fudge Cake from Pizza Express or the Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts from Bill’s that come with warm chocolate. Better still, what about Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi from YO! Sushi? And while we’re on cheesecake, the White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake from Wagamama is just phenomenal.

You can tell me I’m spoiling them if you like, and maybe I am, but let’s not forget that when all the mayhem is over and you sit down with a nice cup of tea, it’s not exactly what you’d call unpleasant to reward yourself with a little a slice of luxury.

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