The Bald Untruth: Hair Loss Myths Debunked

I almost feel that hair loss is inevitable looking at my elderly relatives. I don't seem to be the only one, with 75% of British men believing hair loss cannot be prevented and like most men i honestly have no idea if it is possible to stop some of what causes it.

In my youth i had long blond and hair, in my teen years i decided to dye my hair an array of colours as you can see from the incriminating evidence to your right. I love my hair and every year it has got shorter and shorter.

Right now i am approaching thirty and my hair line is receding, so to educate myself and others i have teamed up with to help debunk some of the myths surrounding hair loss. I don't want to lose the good hair of head i currently have so anything i can do to help keep it is a must do in my eyes!

The kinds folks over at lloydspharmacy have put together a very nice infographic providing us with all the information we need to battle hair loss and what not to believe when it comes to our hair.

Disclosure: This is a post in collaboration with LloydsPharmacy.

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