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When you work full-time and have children, life can be incredibly busy. If you fancy some alone time with your other half, organising a babysitter can be a job in itself, and if you want to cook a romantic meal you’ll be stuck in the kitchen for hours as you hurry to get the kids tea on the table first before you can sit down to enjoy yours. Sometimes, it’s just easier to cut yourself some slack and order in. 

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my review for my local takeaway
Cardamon Black, so this week I thought I’d go a step further and review the popular takeaway app for hungryhouse. In the past, you had to riffle around your kitchen drawers in order to try and find the menu of your favourite local. You might have even had to go pick it up yourself, or if they did deliver, there was the problem of needing to have enough cash in the house to pay the delivery man. Luckily, thanks for modern tech these woes are safely behind us but what’s my verdict on the hungryhouse app?

Hungryhouse is a free app available on both Android and iPhone.

Ease of Use
The app is incredibly quick and easy to use. You simply search with your postcode or GPS and all the available restaurants in your area will be shown. You can even refine the search further by selecting the type of food you’re looking to order such as Chinese or Indian. You can also sort your results by reviews so you can see what others thought of the restaurant before you order.

Once you click onto a restaurant you’ll be able to view the full menu – including extras like drinks and desserts – and these are all split into sections so you don’t have to scroll for ages if you know what you fancy. The app also allows you to pre-order food – even if the restaurant isn’t open yet – so you can order your dinner on your commute home to be there for your chosen time.

Once you’ve decided on your order, simply add it to your basket. Some options will allow you to customise them further such as adding a particular sauce to your dish. The app also provides you with a ‘special requests’ box so you can leave a note for the restaurant. When you’ve finalised your food, it’s just a couple of clicks of a button to get it ordered. There’s no need to speak to anyone on the telephone and you can pay by your card on the app.

Choice of Cuisine
The choice of food you have will totally depend on your area. Obviously if you live in the centre of London or Manchester they’ll be a lot more choice than if you live in a small town. Hungryhouse has over 10,000 restaurant partners, with lots of different choices from around the world.

Delivery Times
Again, delivery times will depend on what restaurant and at what time you order. However, the app will keep you up-to-date on how long the restaurant will take to deliver your food and provide you with the contact details of the takeaway in case you need to contact them directly.

Review Systems  
Before you order any food, you’re going to want to know that they serve the best food. Hungryhouse makes it easy to see reviews, left by other users, for the restaurant you want to order from. This will advise you on the best dishes, the quality of the food and how accurate the restaurant’s delivery times are.

Available Discounts
Many restaurants will provide various discounts to their customers including student discount, sale nights, free food on certain orders and even loyalty rewards to customers who order frequently.

Final Thoughts

Overall I found the app quick and easy to use. I personally prefer it to ordering over the phone, and being able to pay with my card is definitely a bonus. The best thing about the app however is being able to discover somewhere new. I think we’re all guilty of ordering from our tried and tested favourite, but with new restaurants popping up, it’s nice to mix things up a bit and the online reviews take away any risk from this. 

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