8 Products Every Parent Needs To Own For An Easier Life

Life with two children under the age of four is chaotic at the best of times like many of you will know already. From my experience of bringing up my boys i have some innovative products that can any parents life that little bit easier, God knows we all need as much help as humanly possible.

Slumber Buddy Elephant 

A  soft, plush elephant companion that creates calming starry sky display and a peaceful selection of sounds to help and baby or toddler fall to sleep. Both our three year old and 1 year old have one and they wouldn't have a good nights sleep without one! You can pick one up for around £15.00 from any good retailer.

Protective Phone Case

Your children will drop, bite, throw and suck your phone if you leave it lying around, so it is for those reasons i recommend investing in a phone case,  case haven has a wide range of iphone covers if you haven't yet got one. Even when you are in the baby changing room or at a restaurant and you need to offer them your phone to watch a video to calm them down, you best have a durable case and even one that can stand up without have to prop it up against anything.

The Beebo 

Both our boys weren't able to breastfeed as they had tongue tie, so i was able to help out at feeding time because we bottle feed them. There is an amazing innovative product called beebo that helps parents feed their baby whilst leaving them with a spare hand. Check-out the video below:

Sprout Drying Rack

One of the biggest pains for many parents is the daily cleaning and sterilizing routine they have to go through each and every day. When the boys were drinking from bottles we invested in a Sprout Drying Rack that was a great space saving device in our kitchen, holding up to 12 bottles at time. You can pick one up online for under £10.

Kids Fire Edition

Children need time to relax, play and grow and the Kids Fire tablet computer gives children of all ages a fun and safe place to play educational games and enjoy watching their favourite programs. The key feature for me is the easy-to-use parental controls, which means you can set screen time limits and educational goals. You can buy  a Kids Fire Edition from Amazon from £99.99.

Gro Clock

For those of you with older children's the gro clock helps teach children when it's time to get up. It shows them that they need to stay in bed until they see the sun and stay in bed when they see the stars. Retailing for £20 the Clock also comes with a bedtime story book.

Magnet Kitchen Lock

As soon as your little ones are on their feet then they will be in your cupboards, banging them and pulling everything out. You want to keep them safe and everything in your cupboards in one piece so i highly recommend investing in special kitchen magnet locks. These looks don't need screwing into your cupboards and they can be picked up from as little at £10 

Blackout Blinds 
With spring just around the corner bringing lighter bedtimes then it is wise to be proactive and kit out your child's room with a good pair of black-out blinds. They will make sure your little one's head goes down in a dark room and not let the light disturb their much needed night's sleep.

Thanks for reading folks, if you have any products you've used and want to share please do leave a comment below!

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