Weekend Antics 27/10/2013

This weekend we welcomed a new addition to the family,  my Nephew Xazier was born. My little sister gave birth to a healthy 7pound boy would looks just like his dad. He arrived home on Saturday and we went over to say hello!

The first thing my other-half did was jump online and order a shed-load of toys and gifts from Kiddicare and Mothercare

This weekend also saw the San-Francisco 49ers coming to play at Wembley. Taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars the game was aired live on TV. As an adopted 49ers fan i had to don the hat i purchased whilst in San Fran back in 2012.

The 49ers made a mockery of the Jaguars winning 42-10. Its great to see the NFL come to England. I would love not only to see more NFL on TV but i would also love to start playing it.

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